Lady MirriEdit

Lady Mirri
Biographical information
Title Sith Master
Homeworld Kiffu
Born 105 ABY
Physical description
Species Kiffar
Gender Female
Height 1,80
Age 24
Eyes Emerald, change with mood
Hair Scarlet
Chronological information
Timeline Legacy Era
Affiliations Sith, Bounty Hunter
Ranks Master
OOC Informations
Player Mirri Luik

Lady Mirri, an woman whos surroundings keep holding cold. Shadows and darkness following her cause of her knowledge about the darkside. At starters an lost soul upon a path towards becoming an Jedi but cast aside due to her innocent but cruel methods.

"Your own mother are feeding upon your limbs cant you see it?"

Mirri asked the tall man while her emerald eyes shifted towards an firepit of red. Tricking the poor mans mind to belive his very 'own mother was feasting upon him. Mirri as a child

Lady Mirri's HistoryEdit

One silent day in the tiny village Hiru on planet Kiffu a child was brought to the living.

A tear cuts through the air falling like a dead leaf to land upon this child’s forehead. Emerald eyes of the kid twinkles gazing up towards where the wet sensation came from. Her mothers glimming wet eyes staring back, a shimmer of fire seems to burn with her mother’s eyes. The love from a mother to daughter.....

Days...years passed the child begun to grow. Got taller and taller, raised in the way of innocence, nothing touched this pure heart and mind during her first years of living. Laughing running around with the wind playing in her long rosen hair.

But as with all happy stories this peaceful living was to come to an end. One gray day, the air so thick stains of water had built up on the windows. A stream of water rolling down the dunkled window, making its way to the bottom.

Then with a crack, shatters of glass flies trough the air into the room where the child was resting. Eyes flares open beating and uncertain on what has happened. Explosions surrounded her ears, causing her to flinch. Lips frozen, eyebrows shoved high her frightened face staring at the broken window, reflection of red beams casting over the roof. A doors break sounds from the floor followed by screams of terror roars trough the walls. Her mother’s voice twisted into such fear it cuts through her as a silver glinting ice cold dagger.

Head bends forward, knees getting pulled up to her chest while her arms locks around it and she just sits still in her smooth bed.

Crack...her door slams to the floor before her, pieces of the doors wood spreads out over her clean floor. A cloud of dust and steam roaring up in the air while heavy breathing can be heard from the doorway. Eyelids widening up as she notice the reflection of this white dressed soldier. His arms raised gripped around some large bulged weapon, aimed straight at her but his helmet bend as if he was staring straight at the rifle and not her. His fingers yanking at some leaver upon the rifle as if it wasn’t working right. Again the click comes and it seems to be from his right point finger.Something within her speaks "Take the glass disk close to your bed and toss it at him before he shoots you". Her eyes drops upon the now dirty floor, dust and glasses all over the floor her eyes stares at one larger piece before her then up at the soldier that seem to neglect her completely cursing and such within his helmet.

An arm stretches out towards the floor, fingertips delicately grasping the cold fabric. A swish hears and a sudden cry of pain pierces the air, the soldier dumping down on his knees the rifle slamming to the ground with a dove sound.

His arms tangled around his neck grasping onto the glass piece shoved into his neck.

His eyes blinks and in the next moment his staring into the opening of his own rifle....

Years passed from this day, the child had grown up to be a full woman. A woman in the search for the one giving the order to attack her village. Some help she had from her past as often the elders had spoken of a power to read objects secrets, she somewhat had mastered this gift but not even close to its potential. She could see images, feel as if she was within the images when touching the soldier’s rifle. And she still wore it with her as to remember that day, what she done, how easy it seemed to come to her. Her search would go on....

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